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Since 2007 The Hooten Hallers have been enriching the blues with all kinds of musical genres like rhythm'n'blues, rock'n'roll, honky tonk, jazz, soul, country, folk and a good portion of unruly punk. And this mixture is very successful. The voice of frontman and guitarist John Randall moves between Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits and inarticulate grunts. Drummer Andy Rehm sings as a counterpart in background falsetto. Kellie Everett lays the solid foundation in the depths of the soundstage as baritone and bass saxophonist.

The Hooten Hallers
The Hooten Hallers © PROMO - FKP SCORPIO

The Columbia, Missouri, trio prefers to take the stage rather than produce in secret in some studio. The last album from 2017 was the third in now over fifteen years of band existence. They prefer to celebrate their songs with their fans live in concert. In November, The Hooten Hallers will board the stage in Berlin. It will be a good party!

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