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Tableware for Royal Dining and Opulent Snuffboxes in Frederick the Great's New Wing

The SPSG preserves the most important insignia of the Prussian monarchy, with the cure and imperial sword, imperial seal as well as the crown carcasses, sceptre and orb made for the enthronement of the first Prussian royal couple in 1701.

Kronprinzensilber © SPSG
Kronprinzensilber © SPSG © SPSG

Treasure of the Crown: The new presentation illustrates the historical function as well as the symbolic-political and ceremonial significance of the former symbols of power. But the artistic and even sensual qualities of the unique crown treasures can also be experienced.

Silver Collection: The collection of historical tableware made of gold, silver and porcelain, which was once stored in the silver collection of the court, is also unique in its scope and cultural-historical significance. On special occasions, these treasures adorned the princely table to show society a part of the state treasure. But these precious courtly tableware was also  destined for everyday use. The new presentation stages the tableware partly as a covered table or on buffets. Around 100 court services are partly completely preserved and fascinate by their rich variety of colours and shapes. The composition and design of the service reflect the fashion, the respective culinary preferences and ceremonial conventions of the courtly table between baroque and historicism.

Frederick the Great's tobacco pouches: A treasure of a completely different kind is represented by Frederick the Great's tabatières, made of coloured semi-precious stones, set in gold and set with diamonds. The king, who was otherwise distanced from traditional courtly luxury, had an exquisite collection of precious tobacco cans, which he always wanted to have close at hand. Eight of these breathtakingly beautifully designed treasures are now presented as part of the permanent exhibition "Crown Treasure and Silver Collection".
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