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Hike/walk together for around 3 hours in the natural surroundings of Berlin-Spandau. Achieve over 10,000 steps in a relaxed manner and learn something about a nature topic along the way.

In March, we will take a look at which flowers are already in bloom.

Course leader: Dr. Mireille Staschok

You should be in good physical condition for a 3-hour walk (usually 8-9 km).

Please register via the Spandau Adult Education Center, quoting the course number Sp1.402-W.

Tel.: 90279 5000 Fax: 90279 5001 E-Mail:

Cost: 11.00 EUR€ per person (reduced: 5.50 EUR€)

Meeting point: Naturschutzstation Hahneberg, Heerstr. 549, 13593 Berlin, accessible by public transport (bus M37, X49, M49; stop Hahneberg).
Attention: not a circular walk! End point is not the meeting point, but the bus stop Alt-Pichelsdorf, departure by public transport: Bus M36/X34, X49/M49

Please remember to wear weatherproof clothing and sturdy, comfortable shoes.
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