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She She Pop

“We never wanted to take drugs. And we don't dance at raves, football matches, or church, either. We are suspicious, always have been, and even more so since Covid: everything seems intrusive, garish, harder than before. We're alienated. We’re sucked into participating in this hell. The pandemic has justified individualism. And everything we've ever known about dissolute communal states, we've forgotten.”

In their new work, She She Pop are calling for intoxication. They want collective euphoria. “High” is a ceremony in a convertible tent. She She Pop welcome the audience to gather together behind a banner with an as yet undisclosed inscription.
With explicit consideration of all oppositions and differences, they find a rhythm, practise a procession, and eat from the dough that bears the imprint of all hands. Until the melancholic, neoliberal ego monster is anaesthetised.
Until everyone jumps out of their skin and breathes a sigh of relief: all together. High time.

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Additional information
Participating artists
She She Pop (Idee und Konzept)
Sebastian Bark (Von und mit)
Johanna Freiburg (Von und mit)
Lisa Lucassen (Von und mit)
Mieke Matzke (Von und mit)
Ilia Papatheodorou (Von und mit)
Tatiana Saphir (Von und mit)
Claudia Split (Von und mit)
Berit Stumpf (Von und mit)
Rodrigo Zorzanelli Cavalcanti (Künstlerische Mitarbeit)
Lea Søvsø (Raum und Kostüm)
Hannah Wolf (Künstlerische Mitarbeit Raum und Kostüm)
Michael Kleine (Künstlerische Beratung Raum)
Christian Maith (Lichtdesign und Technische Leitung)
Manuel Horstmann (Sounddesign)
Alisa Tretau (Produktionsleitung)
Tina Ebert (Produktionsleitung)
Club Gewalt (Workshop Input)
I Can Be Your Translator (Workshop Input)
Maurice de Martin (Workshop Input)
Tuk Bredsdorff (Workshop Input)
Charlotte Engel (Praktikum)
Gali Har-Gil (Praktikum)
ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro (PR & Kommunikation)
Tina Ebert (Freie Mitarbeit Kommunikation)
Aminata Oelßner (Finanzadministration)
Elke Weber (Company Management)