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Nathalie Rosenbaum

Into the battle with the animal: the us that doesn't want to be one. Herrmann, Thusnelda and Ventidius – Kleist's triangle of madness – the sand runs out of their hair. They gamble away, seduce, betray. Their catastrophic metamorphosis reflects the bestialization of Kleist's future project, the broken blueprint of a German nation that he presented in 1808 with the Battle of Hermann.

The dance-theatrical sequal of the zero one one two three-person ensemble moves into the forest and through the swamp with the hydra of “German narration”. From sand and sound and mirrors is the story of a monster whose head is cut off - two and a knowledge grow back: on the lip and curls, the golden hair, Margarete, the question is tied to who where where with this we?
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