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The danger posed by the AfD is not reflected in public discourse. The party is trivialized by being described as “right-wing populist”. It has long since developed into a right-wing extremist party. Their willingness to use violence is regularly left out. At the same time, it achieves high approval ratings and representatives of democratic parties do not differentiate themselves sufficiently from it.

Cremer shows a development that was not thought possible for a long time given German history. The AfD's strategy threatens to fail if the way it is dealt with does not fundamentally change. A well-founded educational piece to recognize the dimension of the attack on free constitutional democracy.

Hendrik Cremer, Dr. jur., born in 1971, works at the German Institute for Human Rights. His long-standing work focuses on racism and right-wing extremism. He studied law and worked as a lawyer in the areas of residence and social law. He wrote his doctorate on the legal status of unaccompanied refugee minors according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

He is the author of numerous scientific publications and has often been invited as an expert in the Bundestag and state parliaments. He was a member of the Independent Antigypsy Commission convened by the then federal government in 2019, which published its final report in 2021.

(Program in German)

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