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Volker Heißmann and Martin Rassau are back - and have "Ausgelacht"! Really? Certainly not! Because in the brand-new program of the two probably most popular Franconian comedians, not only the best from 40 years together and three decades with their own theater is concentrated.

Heißmann und Rassau
Heißmann und Rassau PROMO

In 1991, the two founded the stage in Nuremberg's Mautkeller that was later to become one of Germany's most successful private theaters in the Comödie Fürth. The gifted artists of metamorphosis have once again closely observed our sometimes absurd everyday life - and poured their findings into plenty of topical quibbles.

Here are comedic capers and lively sketches in a surprising, fast-paced and cheerful fun revue!

Of course the most famous widows of the comedy history may not be missing: Waltraud & Mariechen comment on the large and small challenges of the life also this time with geriatric composure. And of course there will also be music when Volker Heißmann interprets popular evergreens and timeless hits in his unique way.

The secret of Heißmann and Rassau's success is that they both laugh at themselves above all. The audience, however, has at best "laughed out loud" at the end of two highly entertaining hours. Long-term humoristic consequences and pleasurable side effects not excluded.

(Program in German)

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