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an ensemble workshop production by LRP Berlin, based on Henry James and R.&A. Goetz

Catherine grows up with a grieving father, who cannot forget that his beloved wife died in childbirth. Unresolved psychological injuries find a toxic outlet in his behavior towards his grown daughter, who stands no chance of ever matching the glorified, deceased mother nor to gain any respect or acceptance for the person she really is.

Charming yet penniless suitor Morris Townsend to Catherine appears as a godsend, especially since he seems to be the first person to fully understand her. Nudged into courtship by Catherine’s chaperon aunt Penniman, a romantic elopement is planned. But Maurice, on being informed by Catherine of her decision to cut ties with her father once and for all, suddenly reveals a much different side of his character.

Years later, much humbled by life and claiming to have always acted in her own interest, Maurice will return and ask for Catherine’s hand once more. Will she accept?

Both the novel Washington Square by Henry James and its modern stage adaptation The Heiress by Ruth and Augustus Goetz deal with the theme of female empowerment. The #MeToo worthy element of the female heir being reduced to an immobile object symbolizing material value is being first introduced then toppled dramatically, and in the end will serve for almost Greek proportions of tragedy in its narrative.

(Program in English)
Participating artists
Cornelia Brelowski
Douglas Jones
Luca Mándoki
Matthew Poet
Darynn Zimmer
John Bartley-Cooper
Dimitra Voutsi