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Painting by Claus Brunsmann

Over the last two decades, Claus Brunsmann has developed new forms of expression in his painting that cannot easily be classified into conventional categories such as "abstract" or "figurative". Brunsmann brings fresh thoughts to the development of his painting techniques and alternates between different styles, exploring all the possibilities of painting.

If there is a recognizable story in his paintings, it is these sudden and varied allusions to the history of painting. This gives his works an exciting variety, both in technical and formal terms. The images exist beyond the traditional opposition between abstraction and figuration.

Claus Brunsmann deals with the history of painting in a contemporary way in order to develop a modern interpretation.

At its core, it celebrates and addresses the act of painting itself. But again and again, with this opening to new spaces, painting suddenly comes to a point where it gets stuck. Knots and collisions arise, and the lightning of painting strikes again and again. Painting becomes an arena, a space of experience.

Brunsmann treats color in a new way - be it by pressing it passionately and powerfully or coolly reducing it to shades of gray - and at the same time sets the tradition of painting history in motion. He realizes his personally condensed view of painting, and it is precisely this fundamental contradiction that makes his art so fascinating.