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The Heinz Erhardt Revue is a great bow to the timeless comedian of the century Heinz Erhardt. If you like feather-light puns and fast-paced texts, you can't help but love Heinz Erhardt. His films are still cult today, his solo programmes, with which he filled the great halls, were acclaimed and unforgettable. His special ability to lead language amusingly ad absurdum is still unmatched.

KEY VISUAL Die Heinz Erhardt Revue
KEY VISUAL Die Heinz Erhardt Revue © Marco Pierre Müller

According to ARD, Thorsten Hamer is the best Heinz Erhardt double. This is exactly how Heinz Erhardt's daughter, Marita Erhardt, sees it.

Original quote to Thorsten Hamer: "Already with your first appearance on stage I had the feeling to experience my father! Keep up the good work! Thorsten Hamer has made it his business to keep Heinz Erhardt alive with all his brilliance in language and expression - according to ARD Thorsten Hamer is "the best Heinz Erhardt actor! He is, so to speak, Heinz Erhardt directly from the Tornister sprung. The unmistakable facial expressions and gestures of the original are meticulously rehearsed, as are the typical gangling movements.

And so the audience experiences a humorous and musical journey with the wit and charm of the 50's and 60's, whose points are still relevant today. Thorsten Hamer burns with ensemble and with the support of the best mood musicians a true firework of diaphragm straining poems, sketches and songs of Erhardt.

"A woodpecker sat on a tree. The tree was high. The woodpecker was bad!"

Erhardt's mischievous humour and his easy handling of the German language are legendary and unforgotten to this day. From the "Made" to the "King Erl", from "Fräulein Mabel" to the stories of "Ritter Fips", the range of the program with laugh-guarantee reaches.

Thorsten Hamer always remains charming and ensnares the female part of the audience: "Women are the jewels of creation. You have to wear them with composure."

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Theater am Potsdamer Platz