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After releasing his first Winter Christmas album last year, song poet Tino Eisbrenner is going on tour for the fourth time in 2022 with his "Holy Night" concert. And it is indeed what the name suggests - a Christmas concert. Art and folk tunes for the winter time from German centuries. Tracked down and sung by the singer.

KEY VISUAL "Heilige Nacht" - Eisbrenner & Band
KEY VISUAL "Heilige Nacht" - Eisbrenner & Band Theater Ost

Not to infuse them with modernity. Rather to test them for their timelessness and thus to open timeless spaces for the listener. Of course Eisbrenner (voc/git/perc) assigns Eisbrenner songs and a quantum of international to this idea. Supported by a musical trio that playfully follows his intention. After the recent tragic accidental death of Eisbrenner's long-time musical comrade-in-arms on the bayan, Heiner Frauendorf, the tour line-up changed basically to

  • Oliver Siegmann (bass)
  • Maike Virk (violin)
  • Alejandro Soto Lacoste (piano, git, voc)
A concert evening full of homeland sound but without any homeland pomposity - Humorous. Contemplative. Sometimes even temperamental to rebellious. Always carried by the heart with a clear mind.

The song poet and musical circumnavigator Tino Eisbrenner has already revealed many facets of his expressiveness to his audience, always on a journey to foreign shores, to new shores. He began his career with the rock/pop band "Jessica", is one of the pioneers of German-language world music with his project "Der wilde Garten", celebrates media success with his band "Hausboot" and vehemently advocates a peaceful coexistence of peoples with his concerts, albums and lyrics. In recent years, one of his favorite artistic tools has been to re-poet songs that the poet believes are also relevant to German thinking and feeling, whether they are of English, Spanish, Russian or French origin...

Eisbrenner - nomen est omen - brings his audience home. To the place of love, to the time of (be)sensuality, thinking and dreams.

2019, Saxon Newspaper
Theater Ost