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Heiko Krause (* 1974, lives and works in Greifswald) was one of Arno Fischer's last master students and his personal friend. Fischer's photographic approach, according to which it is not only about the pictures themselves, but above all about the stories that can unfold between them, has had a lasting influence on Heiko Krause. The first important supporter of his photographic visual language was Michael Soltau, with whom Heiko Krause was associated for years as a student, graduate and artistic assistant at the Caspar David Friedrich Institute in Greifswald.

Ausstellung Behelfsbild gelb
Ausstellung Behelfsbild gelb © visitBerlin, Grafik MSF

With a keen eye, Heiko Krause is able to capture the everyday, the supposedly insignificant in moments of special charm and bring them into focus. In the spatial arrangement in the cabinet, his photographs merge into photographic narratives. Poetically quiet, but also full of tension and contrasts, his pictures encourage the audience to open up to their surroundings and discover the familiar in a different way.

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April and May 2022: Friday to Sunday 11am-5pm
June to September 2022: Wednesday to Sunday 11am-5pm
October 2022: Friday to Sunday 11 am - 5 pm
Public holidays during the season: 11-17 h


Collection and exhibitions: 12 €, reduced 5 €
Groups (20 adults or more): 8 €
Youths up to 18 years: 5 €
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