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Households, climate change and water scarcity in the gardens of the world

On this research tour through the Gardens of the World, participating school classes discover water as a resource and its importance for people. Why does water no longer fall from the sky? What happens when water becomes scarce? How do plants deal with it? These and other exciting questions are explored in the Gardens of the World. Play, research and answer questions that affect everyday life.

Gärten der Welt
Gärten der Welt © Grün Berlin GmbH

The various international theme gardens as well as the Jewish Garden, the Oriental-Islamic Garden and the Christian Garden are used for this purpose, and unifying elements of all the gardens are addressed.

Provider: Freilandlabor Marzahn

Target group: 3rd-8th grade
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Gärten der Welt im Erholungspark Marzahn
Gärten der Welt im Erholungspark Marzahn