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The Haus am Kleistpark is proud to present a retrospective of the life’s work of the great photo enthusiast and publisher Hansgert Lambers.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Hansgert Lambers - Verweilter Augenblick
© Hansgert Lambers

In pictures spanning seven decades, taken in Barcelona, East and West Berlin, London, Ostrava, Paris, and Prague, Lambers’ humanistic and curious interest in people is palpable. He depicted a world that has to large degree disappeared, overbuilt and overwritten by the now.  

In his work happiness, eroticism, sadness, and the hardships of life appear as states of existence belonging to the human condition. Whether capturing the great discrepancy between the anonymity of massive housing complexes and the lonely presence of a child playing, or a small moment of intimate happiness in a rather inhospitable environment in Ostrava in the former Czechoslovakia, the stories his photographs tell unfold in viewers’ minds.   

Although Hansgert Lambers never devoted himself to photography professionally, he has taken photographs nearly all his life, and, for many, his work remains to be discovered. He took his first pictures at the age of 14, and at 19 owned his first Leica. Lambers describes himself as a “lover of photography” and has devoted himself to it not only as a photographer, but as a publisher and reviewer as well. As an author, however, he has dedicated himself to his pictures alone. His photographic interest has always been people, mainly in cities. Lambers’ profession as an IMB employee also took him to socialist countries, where he was able to photograph quite a bit, especially in the ex-Czechoslovakia. As a publisher he made a name for himself with books such as Photographing Women in the DDR (1991), which he brought out with cultural scientist Gabriele Muschter.

Thursday, 9 June 2022, 6–9 pm (Talk circa 7 pm)  
Wednesday, 22.6.2022
  • 7pm Dialogical tour with Julia Rosenbaum and Hansgert Lambers   
Thursday, 14.7.2022
  • 7pm Discussion between Dr Matthias Harder and Hansgert Lambers 
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