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Hansel and Gretel - A musical fairy tale after Engelbert Humperdinck

Four singers, a pianist and a narrator sing, play and tell the story in a digitally animated stage set, which provides lovingly hand-drawn and computer-animated images for the various scenes. Humperdinck's well-known children's songs "Suse, liebe Suse, was raschelt im Stroh" (Suse, dear Suse, what rustles in the straw) or "Brüderchen, komm tanz mit mir" (Little brother, come dance with me) shine in a new light.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Hänsel und Gretel  (4-12 J.)
Stephen Rübsam

A production full of poetry and magic. Let yourself be enchanted and go hand in hand with Hansel and Gretel on an adventure!

"Can you pick raspberries and pretzels off the screen?" yes- and how that works has already thrilled the children's critics of Tagesspiegel/Ticket.

Probably the best-known fairy tale in this cultural circle became a great success as an opera, enrapturing generations of children with a genre otherwise reserved for adults. The Fairytale Opera Company had taken on the masterpiece and invites young and old to experience the story in a new way.

(Program in German)

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