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The cabaret artist puts the so-called social consensus evom the head on the feet and the system issues equal in the package: From the religion "freedom" on economic growth to the state "license to kill" everything comes on the table. But the responsibility is not borne by "the powerful" alone - we, their more or less willing collaborators, must probably pull ourselves out of our comfort zone by our own hair, in order not to fall into the abyss that we have shoveled together.

Philharmonie Berlin mit Potsdamer Platz
Philharmonie Berlin mit Potsdamer Platz © visitBerlin, Foto Wolfgang Scholvien

He exposes many a popular anger, together with its rhetoric of indignation aimed at "those up there," as subservience - the unwillingness to overcome one's own fatal habits. Cabaret changes nothing? Rether's equally funny and painful program - lasting up to three and a half hours - infects the audience with two dangerous viruses at once: dissatisfaction with simple explanations and the realization that we all have the power to change.

(Program in German)

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Hagen Rether
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