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Ex-Lidl store manager, ex-husband, now a multiple award winner and "The Next Big Thing among Germany's comedians," as one hears from the ranks of his audience. With "Gut, dass Du fragst!" the genuine Berliner with Turkish roots is now touring his beloved Republic. Charming and virtuosic, he tells his stories from the clash of cultures and wonders about small-minded and magnanimous imaginations.

Osan Yaran
Osan Yaran © Selcuk Selcuk

With brilliant timing and a lot of verve, Osan celebrates his show, stumbling adorably comically over the idiosyncrasies of his family, his environment and, of course, himself. Germans and Turks, different religions and customs, experiences with his son, his parents and from his marriage, his everyday life in the capital Berlin and his travels through the country: See the world from a different, exciting and at the same time hilarious point of view, and yet so close to reality!

(Program in German)

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