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He came, spoke and sowed hope: On September 13, 1964, U.S. civil rights activist Martin Luther King appeared unannounced in East Berlin and preached against "dividing walls of hostility." He himself had previously crossed the border without any problems - the GDR border guards just wanted to see his credit card.

Martin Luther King auf der Kanzel der St. Marienkirche
Martin Luther King auf der Kanzel der St. Marienkirche CROSS ROADS - Berlin mit anderen Augen

The tour takes you to the places Martin Luther King visited in East Berlin:

In St. Mary's Church, the scheduled service had to be closed due to overcrowding. The tour continues to the nearby Sophienkirche, where an additional service was spontaneously scheduled.

The last stop is the Albrechtshof of the Berlin City Mission, where King held talks with leading church representatives until late in the evening. This visit is commemorated by the Martin Luther King Chapel in this hotel.

  • Meeting point: in front of St. Mary's Church, Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 8, 10178 Berlin
  • City guide: Anette Detering
  • For city walkers:inside
  • Cost: 12 €
  • Aimed at: Adults
(Program in German)
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