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Spandovia Sacra - Holy Spandau

The Reformation History Museum of St. Nikolai at Reformationsplatz 12 is housed in a half-timbered house whose core dates back to the Middle Ages. Since the St. Nikolai parish is as old as the city (since 1232) or the district (since 1920) of Spandau, many valuable things have accumulated over the centuries: Paintings, communion vessels, church books and documents.

The changing exhibitions mainly deal with ecclesiastical history, which is always also part of local and regional history.

Guided tours of the house and exhibition: Usually fortnightly on Fridays at 4.30 p.m., duration: approx. 45 minutes:
18 August, 1 September, 15 September, 29 September, 13 October and 27 October (last guided tour of the current exhibition).

  • Language: German

Free admission and guided tour. Donations requested.

After the museum visit, the cosy café invites you to linger: under secluded old trees on Reformation Square, in the bright conservatory or in the half-timbered room with fireplace.
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