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The 21-year-old singer, songwriter and guitarist is clearly influenced by artists such as Nick Cave, Nirvana, Tim Buckley and Wolf Alice. She picked up the guitar at the age of eleven and rarely let go and began composing her own gothic stories and songs. From this background she developed an idiosyncratic mix of hi-fi grunge, goth pop and alternative/indie ballads.

The special melody alone, which fits perfectly with her deep alto voice, makes her songs something unique. The tasteful arrangements vary from solo vocals accompanied by acoustic or electric guitar to piano arpeggios to pure alternative rock, British post-punk and grungy rock tracks with casual electro beats and reverberating vocals.

It is therefore not surprising that the British artist quickly became the favorite singer of critics and, above all, fans. Her first concert in London, held the week after the release of her EP, sold out within minutes. Gretel is self-confident, intelligent, highly talented and masters her instruments as well as her voice.

Now she has confirmed that she will be doing an exclusive show in Berlin in October.

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