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“It's crazy how you start hoping someone dies. Gives up. Lets go. Go ahead. Go quietly. It is good. We'll do it. We'll manage without you. That was a mistake. “A cemetery. Two humans. A shared past, a shared loss and ten years of separation, silence.

“She” and “he” come together again on the occasion of a grave relocation: poison is said to have seeped into the ground from a nearby factory and made it necessary to rebury the dead. Meanwhile, the woman and the man look at their buried lives, which one New Year's Eve fell apart without a sound.

What happened to her and him? What about her grief, her life? And who has anything to blame?

The scenes of this re-encounter oscillate between reckoning and rapprochement, comfort and sadness, tenderness and harshness: the portrait of a couple whose fate seems to be over - and who still have to go through everything again, in the hope of a life after theirs to arrive at life.

Dagmar Manzel was awarded the German Theater Prize Der Faust in 2014 for her role “Sie”.
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Participating artists
Lot Vekemans (Autor/in)
Christian Schwochow
Dagmar Manzel (SIE)
Ulrich Matthes (Er)