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Co-founder of sound gallery 316 centro, a space focused on bringing to light different manifestations of sound art in Mexico City, Gibrana Cervantes has focused her work as a violinist on sound processing, pulling from a background in metal. She uses voice, noise, and melodic melancholy as compositional tools to create a naked intensity.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Gibrana Cervantes, Keeley Forsyth
© Sophie J Stafford

Supporting an upcoming solo album, “¿Cómo pasamos la eternidad?”, Cervantes ventures through contemplative spectral dissonances that open spaces for emotional resonance.Keeley Forsyth will captivate the audience with her magnetic presence, undisguised directness, and the deep emotionality of her extraordinary voice, as can be heard on her critically acclaimed album “Limbs”, a slowly expanding and lyrically oblique creation that remains wide open to emotional interpretation.

Forsyth’s voice cuts through dark harmonium drones and long fading piano strokes, taking listeners on a poignantly personal journey through pain and grief, brittle comfort, trembling fullness, and lonely emptiness.

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Hebbel am Ufer - HAU2