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Wrestling live in Berlin

Events of the German Wrestling Federation offer gripping live entertainment that tears you off the bench. In Berlin's Festsaal Kreuzberg, the best international fighters put their egos, their extravagant personalities and their sporting skills to the test.

Everyone wants to win, so the audience can expect unique acrobatic and dramatic fights!

German Wrestling Federation: GWF Showdown 2023

German Wrestling Federation: GWF Battlefield 2023

German Wrestling Federation: GWF Chaos City 8

German Wrestling Federation: GWF LEGACY - 28 Years Berlin Wrestling

German Wrestling Federation: GWF Final Countdown 2023

Wrestling - that's show, that's action, that's power and emotion!

All kinds of athletes come together in the ring. Of course there are the wrestlers who interpret the rules to their own advantage or pull off illegal tricks behind the back of the referee.

Of course, this creates a good atmosphere in the audience rows! Shouting, bawling, clapping, drumming, stomping, cheering, booing are not only permitted, but expressly encouraged!

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