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Best of Musikkabarett presents well-known and popular melodies by Udo Lindenberg and Herbert Grönemeyer, among others, with satirical texts.

* Revel in “Love Song for a Bug”!
* Follow Winfried Kretschmann's ingenious energy-saving tips and take a short, cold shower!
* Treat yourself to the “Google hop”!
* Get your “beach burkini”!
* Can-Can dance with the caregivers!
* Marvel at the sexiest pope of all time
* Take a quiz: What is Berlin's most popular insect?
* Chase all the talk show buggers to hell!
* Join the new national anthem!
* Slurp the sweetest donation jelly ever!
* At least congratulate Christian Lindner afterwards on the wedding: "Marriage on Sylt!"

(Program in German)