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It's time for George Ezra to present new music and go on tour again, which will take him to Berlin in the Mercedes-Benz Arena on February 18.

GEORGE EZRA in Jeanskleidung, Portrait
GEORGE EZRA in Jeanskleidung, Portrait PHOTO: ALEX EDEN SMITH

His new album "Gold Rush Kid" is released in June 2022. Who is that probably, explains the Briton himself immediately: "The Gold Rush Kid? That's me! Twelve wonderful, uplifting and overwhelming songs that sound more like me than anything. That's what holds them together."

The first two tracks have already been released. The first single, "Anyone For You (Tiger Lily)," went straight up the charts and is rotating on every radio station in the UK.

The second single by George Ezra is called "Green Green Grass" and has its very own story: when Ezra had gone to St. Lucia for the vacations with friends over Christmas in 2018, they were sitting in a bar. At one point, he heard music in the streets and was so captivated by it that he went looking. He found a block party with three different sound systems, booths with food and people celebrating. When asked what was being celebrated here, Ezra learned it was a funeral service for three people, "I thought: that's not how we do this at home. And it's really beautiful." Thus was born the single, an irresistibly upbeat song about always making the best of everything, especially in situations where you expect the worst. This story and the song that came out of it are typical of George Ezra's music.

At the age of 19, the singer/songwriter from Bristol was discovered and asked directly onto the stage of the Glastonbury Festival. Global success followed with his hit single "Budapest" and other great songs such as "Barcelona," "Cassy O" and "Blame It On Me," the two million-selling albums "Wanted On Voyage" (2014) and "Staying At Tamara's" (2018), both of which crowned the top of the British charts, and finally the Brit Award as British Male Solo Artist. Clearly, Ezra also suffered from the pandemic. But he also found the time very productive, wrote a lot of new songs and worked on his also very successful podcast, for which he got stars like Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Lily Allen, Nile Rodgers, Ellie Goulding or Tom Jones in front of the microphone.

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