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Artificial intelligence is learning at a rapid pace: the first computers are already writing poetry. But are they already better at it than tried and tested human poets? They know every poet of the past, they could learn every verse measure - but what about feeling? With humor?

KEY VISUAL Fusion Slam
KEY VISUAL Fusion Slam Kiezpoeten

On January 8, 2023, the Fusion Slam: Man vs. Machine will take place at Ballhaus Wedding, where slam poets will compete against AI-written texts. In the absence of androids, the texts will be brought to life on stage by human performance artists. And the audience decides: Who writes better? Human or machine?

At the Fusion Slam the Kiezpoeten bring poetry slam together with changing other arts. More crossover than competition. Because even if you decide at the end which side wins - today the word art of Poetry Slammer:innen fuses with live drawn pictures - improvised and inspired by the texts on screen before your eyes. Ballhaus Wedding brings this extraordinary show to a hall that couldn't be more appropriate: Between chandeliers and peeling plaster, gold-adorned entrée and, well, Wedding halt.

What is the Fusion Slam Wedding?
The Fusion Slam Wedding is the Kiezpoeten format for crossover shows and extraordinary poetry slams: Every month we surprise you with a different art that enriches the evening: Art song, acting, impro theater, stand-up, piano and jazz are planned... And don't worry: if you like a format particularly well, we will of course repeat it!

Where does the Fusion Slam take place?
The regular location of the Fusion Slam is the Ballhaus Wedding - a deadly chic hall for about 150 guests, near Osloer Straße. So Wedding finally gets its own regular slam again. Only, as befits Wedding, a bit different from other slams.

How can you perform here?
At most editions of the Fusion Slam at Ballhaus Wedding there will be 1-2 places on the open list - depending on the edition, mostly on the poetry side, but sometimes also on the "other" side.

Just check for the tag "Open List" at the respective event and register via
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