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At Loop Slam, four highly lyrical slam poets fuse with live improv beats by Swiss DJ nitramin. With beatbox and loop station, words and beats come together in a unique, never-before-heard mixture. Like a jazz slam, only more modern. A gentle explosion of spoken word and loop station beats, created here and now, just for the moment.

This is where summer is celebrated, as it should be for adventurous culture lovers. That means: open air, art and beats, with a cool drink in hand and in the middle of Tempelhofer Feld.

It will be cosy, as you know it from Kiezpoeten events - and yet with the boiling atmosphere of a Best Of show. Let's combine the arts of the spoken word and electronic music - and of course you decide who will compete again in the final.

The Loop Slam is part of the summer editions of Fusion Slam - our crossover format for experimental, new poetry slam shows. Normally based in the Ballhaus Wedding, they go into exile in Tempelhof for the summer: in the dreamy Luftschloss!