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Painting by Anneli Schwager

The colorful painting of Anneli Schwager, which is about the relationship between light and darkness, radiates optimism. The themes along the way are: Endure, Confront, Liberate, Love.

Ausschnitt aus Der Genius um 2002, Eitempera, 160x150 cm
Ausschnitt aus Der Genius um 2002, Eitempera, 160x150 cm Ev. Patmos-Kirchengemeinde Steglitz

In its imposing exhibition concept, large-format meditation and altarpieces are shown at "heavenly heights" in the light-flooded church interior. At eye level in the glass tour, the audience encounters colorful painting full of mystery and grace.

Exhibition of large-format meditation and altar paintings at "heavenly heights

Anneli Schwager understands the contribution "For the World" as a handout for the person searching for a new positioning. The pictures give strength in an escalating time. They resonate with human stability, calm and confidence.

Sunday, May 1 at 12 pm
Vernissage with trumpet (Jakob Schunn) and organ (Jinyoung Woogt)

Sunday, July 24 at 12 p.m.
Friday, September 16 at 4 pm
Exhibition tour with conversation, music and coffee

Exhibition duration: until the end of 2022

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