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Strong Women in the Middle

A concert in the exhibition "A suitcase full of life" about Peter Zander (1922.2019).

Plakat zum Konzert "Frauenanklang" (Ausschnitt)
Plakat zum Konzert "Frauenanklang" (Ausschnitt) Quelle: Mitte Museum

The "Frauenanklang" is dedicated musically and literarily to strong women this year:

Hedwig Dohm was an early Berlin pioneer of feminism. She demanded equal education and training for girls as well as boys. In addition to calling for equal education and female employment, she vehemently advocated for women's suffrage.

Mél(anie) Bonis was a French composer. A large number of her compositions were printed by well-known French publishers during her lifetime. She mostly used the male pseudonym "Mel Bonis", since compositions by women were hardly taken seriously at that time. Among the approximately 300 compositions by Mel Bonis are, for example, sixty piano works, thirty organ works, chamber music, 25 sacred vocal works, and eleven works for orchestra.

The event is organized in cooperation with the Fanny Hensel Music School and the Volkshochschule Berlin Mitte.
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