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Sebastian Fitzek

Author Sebastian Fitzek is coming back to Berlin for a reading from his new psychological thriller. His new psychological thriller is about Hannah Herbst, a facial expression resonance expert who suddenly can no longer trust herself. The police consultant has already solved several violent crimes. But after an operation she is struggling with memory loss. Now, of all times, she is confronted with the most horrific case of her career. She is shown a short video of a confession of a suspected murderer and she realizes: The suspect on the video is herself! Her only way out leads to her deepest inner self ...

Sebastian Fitzek
Sebastian Fitzek © Marcus Hoehn - Sebastian Fitzek, 2020

With expert advice from Dirk Eilert, the leading facial expression and body language expert in the German-speaking world.

Since 2006, Fitzek has been successfully publishing psychological thrillers and thrilling his fans. Goosebumps are guaranteed with his books.

(Program in German)

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