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Fairy tales - really grim! Fischer un sin Fru & Sleeping Beauty

The format, specially developed by the Hexenberg Ensemble, makes clear how closely the crude charm of these fairy tales, their disturbing comedy and unwieldy shudder are connected with the very own fears and hopes of every human being.

Szene aus Fischer un sin Fru
Szene aus Fischer un sin Fru © Daniel Wetzel

Fischer un sin Fru & Sleeping Beauty

The Fisherman and his Wife

...They once lived in an old hut and made no progress. Yes, where to? "Mine Fru, die Ilsebill will dat nicht so, als ick wohl will?" - Such a thing could not happen to us. This (age-old), cranky, crude fairy tale of greedy insatiability? It has nothing to do with us. But then why do we feel so touched? How would it be if it were possible after all: Always further, always higher, always bigger! And yet more and more dissatisfied. When is it time to stop dreaming, when suddenly every dream is within reach? The "Once upon a time..." becomes now and here.  Aren't we all a little Ilsebill

Sleeping Beauty

To be a child again. Isn't that what everyone wishes for? To let go once again, to follow one's inner play instinct and to simply be allowed to ask questions again quite naively: This is something that few adults are allowed to do. Yet it is the infantile playfulness and creativity of a child from which we adults can learn the most, and which are deeply rooted in each of us. Being a child is not a phase of life, but a part of being human. It slumbers in you, too, and is just waiting to be kissed awake from its Sleeping Beauty slumber. May the playing never find an end!

(Program in German)
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