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Mary Ellen Mark . Encounters

As part of the exhibition Mary Ellen Mark. Encounters, in cooperation with the Yorck Kinos, C/O Berlin is presenting the film Streetwise in the neighboring delphi LUX cinema.

The film gives an insight into the genesis of Mary Ellen Mark's award-winning portrait series Streetwise and Tiny: Streetwise Revisited, which can be seen at C/O Berlin from Sep 16, 2023 to Jan 18, 2024. Both works exemplify Mark's ongoing quest to tell the story of Erin Charles, aka Tiny. Mark began the project when 13 year old Tiny was living on the streets and photographed her and eventually their ten children over the next thirty years.

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Seattle, 1983. Filmmaker Martin Bell, photographer Mary Ellen Mark and journalist Cheryl McCall took their camera to the streets of America's supposedly most livable city to tell the stories of those left behind by society: homeless and runaway teenagers who lived on the outskirts of town.

Based on a feature by Mark and McCall in Life Magazine, Streetwise follows an unforgettable group of at-risk children - including fourteen-year-old Tiny, whose iron will would become the project's most forceful and constant face, and the feisty but imaginative Rat and the amiable loafer DeWayne – who, driven from their dysfunctional families, survive on begging and shipping containers.

The filmmakers gain remarkable access to their world and create a harrowingly candid, unprejudiced portrait of a lost youth growing up far too early in a world that has failed them.

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Price: €12.00