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Fieh has revolutionized Norwegian soul. In 2017, their single "Glu" sent the international scene into a tizzy. Their sound was described in the reviews sometimes as the soul of the future, sometimes as low-convention R'n'B. There had never been anything like it before. In April 2022, the new album "In the Sun in the Rain" was released, the follow-up to their debut "Cold Water Burning Skin".  Russell Elevado was responsible for the sound.

Fieh © Vivaas Kise

The band was founded by Sofie Tollefsbøl, whose nickname Fieh also inspired the band name. Gradually, other musicians joined the band. In the meantime, Fieh has become a collective, which is supplemented by artist friends when needed and possible. All bring their individual talents, timbres and experiences, from which a very unique and amazing sound develops. And on stage they all come together in one big party. Their performances in Norway and in Europe earned them a reputation as an outstanding live combo. They can very gladly prove that again in Berlin.

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