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Sensitive song poet, passionate cellist, sensitive singer - the songwriter Fidi Steinbeck creates emotional German pop with depth with her poetic lyrics and her soulful and approachable manner.

Fidi Steinbeck
Fidi Steinbeck © Laura Besch

On her new album "Flieder", released in October 2022, she tells of feelings, of longings, sadness, hopes and of life itself.

In 2023, Fidi Steinbeck will then bring the songs from her album to the stage. On February 8, she will prove at her concert in the Privatclub Berlin what a distinctive musician she is - and not only since her final appearance in the TV show "The Voice of Germany 2019".

The audience can look forward to versatile song arrangements, which will be presented by the exceptional artist sometimes acoustic countryesque, sometimes electronically poppy to classic balladesque.