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A theater project with students of the University of Lomé in Togo

Famine et Vautours is a theatrical performance under the artistic direction of Marléne Douty and which involves the very first batch of students in the Master Professionnel Théâtre Education at the Faculty of Arts and Languages, Université de Lomé, Togo.

This collective creation is the result of a theatrical research process on the theme of the high cost of living in Lomé. The entire group explored this theme which is one of the most pressing topics in Togo and around the world, with tentacles spreading across all walks of life. Indeed, at a time when the prices of basic necessities continue to soar and when famine threatens the world, we went to the neighborhoods to question about the daily lives of the populations of Lomé.

These exploratory visits on the ground gave birth to beautiful texts, beautiful dances, beautiful songs, beautiful bodily performances that have been treated according to performative dramaturgy.
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Price: €18.00

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