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The Kleine Humboldt Galerie invites three young female artists from Berlin to show their performances in the historic buildings of the Albrecht Daniel Thaer Institute and the Tieranatomisches Theater on Friday evenings during June and July 2023.

As a series, Extended Hours brings together three independent performances by the artists Lottie Sebes, Selin Davasse, and Elena Francalanci.

After hours, the abandoned university buildings develop into sites for new, alternative knowledge practices. In the void, possibilities emerge: Embodied, narrative and sound-based expressions respond to the buildings in multi-sensory and exploratory ways. The artists make audible the histories embedded in the sites and invite both technical and animal voices to speak. Their interventions open up feminist narratives and explore the dimensions of silence. Time becomes an individual sensation rather than a standardized unit, while the shared experience creates collectivity.

Extended Hours provides a framework in which these potentials can reverberate and visitors can linger.


04.06. | Prelude

  • Time: 12 pm
  • Location: Floating University Berlin
  • Lilienthalstraße 32, 10965 Berlin

16.06. | Lottie Sebes Veritas Ventriloquist

  • Time: 7 pm
  • Venue: Albrecht-Daniel Thaer-Institut
  • Invalidenstr. 42, 10115 Berlin

23.06 | Selin Davasse Straight from the mare's mouth:
A performance about labour, abuse and decline
Part of the Project Space Festival 2023

  • Time: 7 pm
  • Venue: Tieranatomisches Theater
  • Philippstraße 13 (Campus North, House 3,) 10115 Berlin

07.07. | Elena Francalanci AFTER

  • Time: 7 pm
  • Venue: Albrecht-Daniel Thaer Institute
  • Invalidenstr. 42, 10115 Berlin

Each performance will be accompanied by a workshop from 6 p.m. onwards as part of the mediation program. The mediation program creates a collective setting that allows visitors to sit with and reflect on their experiences. Each way of perceiving the works is valued, beyond inhibitions, common conventions, or notions of right and wrong. The workshops will take place in an inviting mediation corner that also provides a space for recreation before and after the performances and for individual engagement with their themes. As a kick-off project, this approach will be introduced through a workshop day on Sunday, the 4th of June, 2023, at Floating University.

Who we are

Kleine Humboldt Galerie (KHG) is a project initiative for the conception and realization of exhibitions and events that address current questions, demands, and utopias. Since 2009, the KHG has been organized by students and realizes up to two exhibition projects each year, with the primary goal of experimenting with a wide variety of curatorial formats. KHG aims to create projects that allow young people to access topics relevant to them and engage with artistic practices. In the past, diverse topics such as spaces of self-optimization, video games, and the views of young artists on the big city have been addressed. Projects take place in historical locations, mostly hidden from the public, inside and outside Humboldt University.

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