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Women on coins and medals

The eternal anthropoid goddesses are soon joined by living women. Numerous facets and themes open up between the idea of origin and actuality - or for example 'Eva' and 'Greta'. In addition to celebrities such as Cleopatra, the special exhibition will illuminate very different images and meanings of women, as they can be experienced through coins, but above all through medals.

Marianne Dietz, Greta Thunberg, Gips 2020, Leihgabe
Marianne Dietz, Greta Thunberg, Gips 2020, Leihgabe © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Münzkabinett, Foto: Johannes Kramer

Women are not only portrayed or commissioned, but also as designers, collectors or scientists. In addition to holdings from the vaults of the Numismatic Collection, the show presents in particular two artist's editions that were produced especially for this exhibition. The works on the annual theme of the Berlin Medalists' Circle will be juxtaposed with contributions from the awarding of the Young Artists' Prize for an art medal "The Three Graces". The exhibition asks to what extent coins and medals can confirm or challenge ideas about women in society that have been shaped by other sources.

The synopsis flanks the project "THE SECOND VIEW: WOMEN", planned for 2021, of the Skulpturensammlung in the Bode-Museum.

A special exhibition of the Numismatic Collection in cooperation with the Numismatische Gesellschaft zu Berlin e. V. and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medaillenkunst e. V.

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