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Film and discussion – with soup for everyone! Admission free.

Europe Passage
Andrei Schwartz⌡ D 2022 ⌡ 90 min. ⌡ Romanian with German subtitles

Over a period of five years, the film follows a group of Romanian Roma* who come to Hamburg seasonally to beg and, if possible, to work. Part of the earnings goes to the relatives at home. These people sleep under bridges and in parks, in constant fear of being discovered and displaced. There is no help from the authorities and the emergency shelters remain closed to them even in winter. The two main protagonists, Maria and Tirloi, are the only ones who manage to get an apartment and a job through private mediation.

Back in their place of origin, Namaesti, these people live segregated from the majority population. There is not much more to earn money than making low-paying brushwood brooms. Regular jobs were rationalized here after the fall of the Wall, including in a nearby large German company. There is certainly no work for unskilled people.

A film about people who hardly have a chance and still try to make the best of it. They speak in the film itself, which consistently avoids any commentary.

Nomination for the Goethe Institute Documentary Film Prize 2022 ⌡Nomination for the German Film Critics Prize 2022 ⌡ Award: German Camera Prize/Best Camera Documentary Cinema for Susanne Schüle
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