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“And with the silent repetition of hugs on all sides, the curtain falls.” This is how Lessing’s “dramatic poem” ends – and it couldn’t be more beautiful. An ensemble of young people from Berlin is intoxicated by the message of the Ring Parable, Lessing's parable of the utopia of a world without struggles for the only correct religion.

But just as there is still religious hostility in the schoolyard today, the harmonious coexistence in the ensemble is also crumbling. You can't play the beginning before the end: The young players have to go to Jerusalem with Nathan, Recha, the Templar, the Sultan and everyone else to go through the fire together.

Director Joanna Praml wrote the Enlightenment classic together with twelve young people. On stage they look for the connections between Jerusalem in 1192, the time of the Enlightenment and today's reality in the cosmopolitan city of Berlin.

With the kind support of K.S. Fischer Foundation

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Participating artists
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (Autor/in)
Joanna Praml
Susann Ali-Saleha
Stella Gröszer
Diane Kimbonen
Dennis Kramp
Kareem Musa
Lilian Musch
Julien Neisius
Mariella Pierza
Álvaro Jose Sanchez Rosero
Levin Tosun
Mathilda Tzitzi
Johnny Zimmermann