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Classical music from Secret Garden to Vivaldi with concertmaster Andrej Sudnitsyn and pianist Maryna Gontar

With his devil's violin, Andrei Sudnitsyn can replace an entire orchestra. His wife Maryna Gontar skillfully and passionately completes the mini orchestra on the piano. Both artists present you with a firework display of classical music that you won't soon forget. This is the ultimate pleasure!

Andrej Sur (born Andrej Sudnitsyn) was born in Pervouralsk (Urals, Russia). He studied violin at the Yekaterinburg Conservatory. After completing his music studies, he worked as concertmaster in the Yekaterinburg Symphonic Orchestra and taught chamber music at the conservatory. He has lived in Berlin since 1994: He is concertmaster of the symphony orchestra, member of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, chamber musician, jazz musician, improviser and actor.

Maryna Gontar was born in Poltava (Ukraine). She studied piano at the music school in Poltava and later studied at the Poltava State University, graduating as a teacher of world history. She has been working as a music teacher in Berlin since 2003 and works as a pianist in various ensembles (classical, folklore, jazz, chanson).

The theater is open from 4:00 p.m