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An entertainment experience of a very special kind awaits you at "ELVIS - The Musical". Time is turned back and Elvis' music, hip swing, sex appeal and voice come to life again! John Wilkinson, longtime companion of Elvis Presley, humorously honors the Irish singer Grahame Patrick with the words "he is probably the best Elvis performer since Elvis".

ELVIS - THE MUSICAL © Estrel Berlin

In "Elvis - The Musical" the cult of the King of Rock'n'Roll is revived! The musical biography revisits the musical life of the superstar. The King of Rock'n'Roll is portrayed by Grahame Patrick, one of the world's best Elvis actors. Every gesture is perfect, the facial expressions fit 100%, the costumes match down to the last sequin and of course he sings live! He is supported by chorus girls who, like Grahame Patrick, impress with their authenticity and vocal power.

During the two-hour live show you will experience Elvis' musical life's work from gospel to blues to his uninhibited and history-making rock'n'roll. So look forward to a compelling performance with great stage show and unforgettable songs like "Love Me Tender", "Jailhouse Rock" and "Heartbreak Hotel".

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