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Between use and contemplation: another modernist narrative

The exhibition entitled in the Mies van der Rohe House is devoted to the interaction between clay vessels and space. In the original living room of the collector couple Martha and Karl Lemke, works of art played an important role alongside furniture by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, including a floor vase by the German ceramic artist Otto D. Douglas-Hill.

In keeping with this spatial design, the exhibition focuses on how the well-proportioned rooms of the house interact with the elementary vessels sculpted on the potter's wheel.
Through their sensuous simplicity and "open form" they resonate with the house and the visitors.

The main focus is on the conscious perception of the house space during the visit. As a result, the house is experienced in a different way, since the ceramic vessels, which have been taken out of their usual context of use, question established patterns of behavior. This is happening in an equally fundamental building that has become a museum of modern living.

Since the selected objects - despite their artistic simplicity - still represent commodities, the idea arises that they inhabit the house in a certain way. Conventional bourgeois ideas are challenged here, and this is in line with the concept of the house. The senses are heightened and the vessels reflect an earlier possible way of life that is in some way contemplating itself.
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