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One-man musical in German language by and with Dirk Audehm

What happens when the clown loses the desire? What remains when he can no longer make the others laugh because he has lost his own? Or is he just pretending?

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Ein Clown kündigt
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Self-discovery is not his thing, but neither is repression. And he hates the cliché of the sad fool like the plague. So for now he continues. And delight the audience. Hopefully!

In his latest prank, the one-man musical "Ein Clown kündigt" (A Clown Quits), Dirk Audehm takes the audience into the colorful world of the circus ring, full of abstruse stories, weird, dark, wacky and hilarious.

But beware: the tears of laughter could turn into real ones!
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Dirk Audehm (Autor/in)