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Women need men and vice versa!

Frank Soens
Frank Soens © Frank Soens
A truism, actually. But when the woman mows the lawn and the man accompanies her with a parasol, something is not right. Despite all gender justice, modern women also long for positive masculinity. But without primitive macho posturing à la "you can cool my beer with your cold feet", but with male clarity, determination and decisiveness. Men today, on the other hand, stand in the bathroom in the morning and think: "Underpants on properly - day's goal accomplished."

The dilemma: without masculinity and femininity there is no sexual attraction. And so everyone comes to terms with the fact that, in addition to the strainer machine, the dildo is now also part of the well-assorted household, while men are more concerned with pornography than with their wives. "Work up an appetite on the road, starve at home." How times have changed. We used to not have sex before marriage, now we don't have sex within marriage. Can you turn back the clock again? How do we get more togetherness? Do I need a helmet for that?
A lot of things have gotten mixed up in our days, not one stone is left standing on another. People used to be smart and the phones stupid, now it's the other way around. You think: "Lord let brains fall from the sky. Or rocks. As long as you hit."

Stephan Bauer's new program is a ray of hope. The ludicrous rescue from false gender ideals, exaggerated ideas of happiness and loss of orientation that modernity has brought with it.

A microphone, a bar stool and two hours of punch lines one after the other. And for the audience two hours of laughter without breathing space. Just like the "big farmer".

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