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Due to the current situation, this event has been postponed to November 27, 2021.

Dr. Leon Windscheid
Dr. Leon Windscheid © PROMO

Jellyfish have lived happily without brains for millions of years. People have a harder time there. Whether we like it or not, we are born with our brains. An incredible challenge. For since we appeared 30000 years ago as Homo sapiens on the scene, has not been renovated in our minds.

Ötzi and DJ Ötzi have the same gray cells. But for the world in which we live today, our brains were not made. Everything is getting faster, more digital and more efficient. No wonder that many people feel overwhelmed. Burnout, depression and stress are common diseases. Meditation by app, happiness coaching or brain jogging should help against that. But does our brain need such innovations? In his first live program, the psychologist and bestselling author Leon Windscheid takes a step back in the head. He takes his audience on a journey to the feelings and thoughts we increasingly forget, or have lost. Humorous and captivating, the young researcher explains why we should search for boredom again, why aimlessness can lead to the goal and why proper solitude protects us from loneliness.

Along the latest findings from psychology and brain research succeeds a balancing act between entertainment, science and aha moments. After this evening you know why you tick, how you tick. And most of all, as you will not do in the future.

(Program in German)

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