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This WDR comedy series has long been cult, since 2004 runs Olli Dittrich every Sunday as the unemployed loser Dittsche in his Hamburg Stamm-Grill on top form. In a bathrobe and a shoemaker he philosophizes wordlessly and carelessly at Imbisswirt Ingo about the current world affairs as well as about the perils of everyday life.

Großer Salon
Großer Salon © Moritz Haase

Of course, in the very best of beer ("that pisses!") And not without his opinion ("That's my opinion") also present his solutions or as he says "world ideas" in the most beautiful Dittsche-Sprech. The 27-season-strong WDR cult series, which has already been awarded the German Television Prize and the Adolf Grimme Award "Gold", will be shot live, without a script. For the first time, Olli Dittrich relocated his parade role back to where she began in 1991 in the "Quatsch Comedy Club" in 10-minute short appearances: on stage! Dittsche in the original bathrobe, with shirt, sweatpants and Schumiletten, a bottle of beer in hand, a Alditüte with empties.

The hall becomes a muggle shack when Dittsche is alone at the microphone for an hour and a half, talking about Ingo, Kröti, the Kargers or Giovanni, Kim Jong-un, Putin, Donald Trump or Olli Kahn, who is the only long-term survivor with chicken flu, "say ma."

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Berliner Ensemble: Großes Haus
Berliner Ensemble: Großes Haus