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With Tone Hansen (Director Munchmuseet) and Dr. Thomas Köhler (Director Berlinische Galerie)

MUNCH in Oslo boasts a collection unrivalled anywhere in the world. The museum, which evolved from a legacy bequeathed by the extraordinary artist Edvard Munch, now houses more than 28,000 works by the Norwegian. How is a museum dedicated to a single artist defined by its unique opportunities and its unique responsibilities?

That is just one of the questions that Dr Thomas Köhler, director of the Berlinische Galerie, will put to his colleague Tone Hansen, who took on her role at the helm of the Munchmuseet just over a year ago.

Their conversation will revolve around key aspects of running a museum today, not just in Oslo but also in Berlin. Another big topic, of course, will be Munch’s eventful time in Berlin.

This event will be in English.
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Price info: Admission from 6 pm

Price: €15.00

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