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Fifteen years ago Frank Viehweg's book "Verschwunden ohne Spur - Lieder-Verse nach Juri Schewtschuk" was published. This was celebrated at the time with a concert in „Zimmer 16". Yuri's songs have resounded again and again through the years in Frank's rewriting and interpretation. Now the time has come for another full-length program.

Zimmer 16
Zimmer 16 © tic, Foto Uwe Precht

Yuri Shevchuk, together with his rock band "DDT", has taken a clear stand against Russia's war in Ukraine since February 24 of this year, with the result that gradually all DDT concerts in Russia were cancelled, and Yuri was put on a list of banned artists. Frank Viehweg sings with his friend Yuri Shevchuk this evening for peace and solidarity.
Zimmer 16 - camera dell´arte