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Recitation performance and conversation with Jaap Blonk

The Dadaists were active in almost all the arts: as poets, as painters and, with their sound poetry, also as musicians. Kurt Schwitters' onomatopoeic original sonata, which he wrote between 1922 and 1932, has long been considered the prototype of all “concrete poetry” freed from meaning and content. The printed texts are like scores that only come into their own in the oral performance.

Oliver Ruf (NZZ) wrote about the berserk onomatopoeist Jaap Blonk on the occasion of an appearance in the Düsseldorf art collection: "Blonk first exposes the motifs of the 'Ursonata' in goose-step, then gently like a lamb; he pants, stomps, jumps up and down violently, so that the alarm system finally goes off in the art collection."

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