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A woman is murdered in London. The perpetrator is fugitive, the police have put out an APB. On this day, Mollie and Giles Ralston open their little boarding house "Monkswell Manor".

They are expecting their first four guests, who will arrive little by little in heavy snowfall. London hitman's trail leads right here. The guesthouse is a "mousetrap" in which not only further murder victims but also the murderer himself are trapped. Everyone is suspicious, but who is the next victim, who the killer?

The Mausefalle is one of the most famous pieces by the British author Agatha Christie. It is considered the classic thriller with the longest running time in theatre history. Since 1947 it has been continuously performed in the London St. Martins Theatre.

The thriller cult piece by Agatha Christie. Already more than 1000 performances!

  • Director: Wolfgang Rumpf
  • Facilities: Manfred Bitterlich
(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Sebastian Freigang (Detective Sergeant Trotter)
Thomas Linke (Mr. Paravicini)
Thomas Wingrich (Christopher Wren)
André Zimmermann (Giles Ralston)
Katrin Martin (Mrs. Boyle)
Jean Maesér (Major)
Anja Kunzmann (Miss Casewell)